Iconic Maker Faire Exhibits

Cupcakes on Parade (photo courtesy of Steve Jurvetson of Flickr)

Cupcakes on Parade (photo courtesy of Steve Jurvetson of Flickr)

Who doesn’t love Nerdy Derby (thank you Maker Place!)? What kid doesn’t want to make a Marshmallow Shooter or Air Rocket? How can a Maker Faire be complete without a Learn to Solder booth? These are the great hands-on exhibits that provide attendees with making experiences and we need more of them.

Now is the time to be planning for new hands-on exhibits. It’s still months before our next Maker Faire and we can use this time to prepare. Two local companies have taken the challenge to develop new exhibits and are busily prototyping. We have several makers from last Maker Faire who have also risen to the challenge. With a little luck we could see some wonderful additions.

However, we don’t need to invent our own exhibits. There are plenty of ideas to be found at other Faires which just need to be built locally. For instance, Cupcake Carts are a commonly-found hit. We could start from scratch or in the maker tradition we could learn from others. Tom Sawyer Labs has instructions on how to make a low-cost version of a cupcake. Care to take on that project?

If you have ideas for other hands-on exhibits then post a comment.
If you’d like to get involved then write us with your interest.
Let’s do what we can to up our game for next time!

2 responses to “Iconic Maker Faire Exhibits

  1. Will there be more room at the faire this year? Maybe a little less mini MiniMakerFaire? I have an idea for demonstrating DIY vacuum-forming.

  2. Dennis, the next Faire is in planning stages. The reason for tightness last year was the rain forced all our exhibits indoors and even with the downpour we had amazing turn out. Please join our mailing list so that when plans firm up you can be notified. We’d love to see vacuum form molding on exhibit, it’d be a real treat!

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