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We were just notified by the President of the Balboa Park Cultural Partnership, the board of all the cultural institutions in the park, that they have signed with Maker Media to hold a two-day Maker Faire later this year as part of the Balboa Park Centennial Celebration. The dates will be October 3 & 4.

We’re all thrilled with the great news and we expect to learn more soon.

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Orange County’s Call for Makers

Voila_Capture 2015-03-01_03-38-30_PM

Sixty to ninety days before each Maker Faire the faire’s organizing team issues a “Call for Makers“. This should be your cue! If you have a project that will be ready for the world to see by May 9 then now is the time to apply to exhibit. Head on over to their site and fill in their exhibitor application form.

You won’t be ready to exhibit at OC but you’d still like to be involved? Consider becoming a volunteer. It’s a way to help that benefits in many ways. First, it give the OC team a crew to help plan and deliver the event. Second, you get to learn how a faire is organized and run. Lastly, the more who learn-by-doing in OC then the more depth of talent we’ll have here when we stage our next Maker Faire later this year. The SD team knows the benefits first hand as many of us learned by volunteering at the OC Faire. Interested? Let them know. Write

You can keep watch on developments at OC Mini Maker Faire’s website.

Stay tuned to this site for developments in San Diego.

STEAM Carnival – Fun and Learning

IMG_7670Isn’t it fantastic when fun is aligned with learning? That seems to be the design goal behind the STEAM Carnival, a production of Two Bit Circus. Recently they staged their event at the Port of Los Angeles to a sell-out crowd whereat all the glory of what they do was put out for the world to enjoy. Continue reading

Inland Empire Mini Maker Faire

Paper rockets taking down space invaders and balloons by 3Rs Robotics

Paper rockets taking down space invaders and balloons by 3Rs Robotics

The juggernaut of Maker Faire continues to shoot skyward. Last year there were 100 Faires. This year there will be around 135 and recently there were 10 Maker Faires on a single weekend for the first time. Next year who knows how many more there will be? However, one thing is certain. The newest Maker Faire was in Riverside, California just this past Saturday: IEMMF. Continue reading

Tune In: White House Maker Faire

White House Maker FaireStarting at 10 a.m. ET today, watch events live at

On that page you’ll also find a variety of interesting maps. Find out where all the participating honorees and makers are from. Learn where supporting universities and libraries are located. See for yourself that our own Kevin Faulconer is among the Mayors nationwide who have made a pledge to boost the Maker Movement. 

Want to monitor the action during the day? Follow #NationOfMakers on Twitter.

The “Building Maker Communities” Pledge

Day of MakingPart of the build up to the Day of Making which coincides with the first White House Maker Faire will be the “Building Maker Communities” pledge. If you are a maker then this pledge asks that you advocate for making in your community.

The pledge reads: “As individuals, as members of families and community groups, and as makers, we want to help support the continued growth and impact of maker movement in our community and in America. We want to ensure that more people have access to the tools, materials and mentorship that allows them to develop as makers. We want our communities to develop a thriving maker ecosystem that takes advantage of new opportunities in manufacturing, education, innovation and design.”

A gift for taking the pledge is a download of David Lang’s “Zero to Maker”.

If you’d like to take the pledge then please click here.

The People of Maker Faire

The People of Maker FaireWhen someone attends their first Maker Faire it can be very affecting. Many people experience a door opening in their heart and are forever changed. Occasionally a person will chronicle this for others to read and such is the case with Anthony who documents his experience in How the Maker Faire Restored My Faith in Humanity.

While there’s much he likes about Maker Faire, he first shines a light on makers with “the people are downright awesome!” and closes with “in a world where people are becoming increasingly selfish and self-absorbed, you [makers] have shown me that there are still communities of people that are welcoming and understanding.

Kudos to you, our community of makers!

Two Maker Faires in Washington D.C.

This month there are two Maker Faires in Washington D.C. The first on June 8 is the D.C. Mini Maker Faire while the second on June 18 is the White House Maker Faire which will coincide with National Day of Making.

Leading up to the President’s Maker Faire are make initiatives on a national scale. First, there’s the Mayors Maker Challenge wherein Mayors from across the U.S.  are challenged to take steps to advance making. (#2 is host a Maker Faire!) Second, there’s Contribute a Project where you’re encouraged to post interesting projects into this national database for others to see. This is just the start; more initiatives will be announced in coming days.

Be proud, our maker movement has never had more traction.

Fun Hacks at Bay Area Maker Faire

SDMMF: 15th Largest Maker Faire

"Yeh! San Diego held the 15th largest Maker Faire in the world!"

“Yeh! San Diego held the 15th largest Maker Faire in the world!”

Last year was full of milestones for Maker Faire. It was the first year for triple digit events when San Diego held the 100th and the final Faire of the year. Last year was also the year that more people attended Mini Maker Faires than the larger Faires run by or in conjunction with Maker Media. Total attendance exceeded 500,000 for the first time.

And so far as we’re concerned, San Diego in it’s debut year and under terrible weather conditions managed to become the 15th largest Maker Faire in the world.

This is an achievement we can truly take pride in. Congrats to you!!!